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The temple of /peace, love and unity of Christians/    Dear friends!

   Welcome to the internet site of Christian Church Word of Life 

   Corner stones of our churchs ministry are:
- Proclamation of Gods Word
- Training
- Helping others.

   Our church proclaims Gods truth by means of different fellowships to which we invite those who havent yet received the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. 

Our youth club is a meeting point for our church youth. 

   In order to get to know more about God and for better understanding of His Word we also have topical fellowships to which we invite our friends. 
   Our church helps practically the inhabitants of our city. We help unfortunate children who live out in the streets. It was not long ago that they had lived in the basement floors of the apartment houses, sewages. They have a chance and hope for happiness in our orphanage that had been organized at our church. The desire of our heart is to help them get to know our Heavenly Father. 

   We also dont leave unnoticed the handicapped and those who dont have enough means of subsistence. 

   Under the support of our church there has been created a Word of Life Bible Institute, where we train Christian church workers. We are about to start a new program for training missionary workers for the work in Islamic countries. 

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